Get intimate with us and our new single, plus what's next!

Apologies for the cheeky title. I already regret it.

You probably already know by now that we've been working our cold little hearts out on a new EP, and we're stoked to be sharing a single from it with you this Friday, May 4th! Andrew says that's significant because Star Wars. I've never seen it. Or them. Sorry. Anyone want to introduce me?

Anyways, this new song has some obnoxious guitars. The bass playing is rude. The drumming smacks you where it hurts. The lyrics, are somewhat honest and reflective? This single has been one of our fav's to play live for a while and we're happy it got a guernsey on the EP, and that we're allowed to sneakily release it before the EP is out. This is our triple j unearthed link where you can hear the song on Friday (plus the usual places), it'd mean the world to us if you could rate it on the release day (or whenever you get a chance!) ?

We're in the final stages of booking some mid-year shows to coincide with the full EP release (hopefully mid-year, which, holy fuck, isn't that far away anymore [insert generic "this year is going so fast" comment]) which is a while between drinks in terms of live shows, so i'll will be playing a stripped back and intimate acoustic show at the Beaufort Street Songwriters Club (Defectors Bar) on May 17.

I'll be playing all the songs from the upcoming EP and a couple of older ones, and giving a bit of insight into what the songs were written about and how we recorded them etc... Check out the event on facebook, beautiful venue with cosy lighting and couches and very warm feeels, hope to see you there :)