Foreign Architects off to Singapore!

This has been damn hard to keep to ourselves, but need we say more than.... WE'RE GOING TO SINGAPORE!!!!

We've been selected by industry body WAM to be one of 3 bands to rep WA by performing at Singapore's Beerfest Asia, one of Asia's largest lifestyle festivals. We'll be doing a few shows as well as meeting a bunch of people while we're there, as well as recording a mini-doco of our adventure so you don't miss a thing!

The festival pulls over 30,000 people and equally as importantly, features 500 different types of beer - No wonder they thought we were perfect for this.

As well as the development and benefits this brings for us as a band, neither of us have ever been overseas, so needless to say we're both mega excited about this opportunity!

We're in the midst of organising another show before we leave, and it would be awesome to see your faces there before we do something stupid and get lashed overseas!

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