New single plus FUN AND MAHEM!

Hey all!
By now you're probably hearing about us breaking stuff in Singapore Hotel rooms, so we're really happy to announce we virtually landed back in Perth and hit the ground running on our next single, Fall. We are working with the A&R department label to get it to you within the next couple of months. We've been told to prepare to 'get dirty' by the director of the Music Video, we don't even know what is in store for it yet so we're as excited as you are!

As anyone in a loving relationship will know, sometimes things get a little heated, so me and Andrew will be letting our competitive juices so battle in the 'Foreign Architects Olympics' and ringing every second of it to you via our YouTube channel! There will be 3 main challenges, including a Timezone basketball shoot out, a fishing challenge as well as an IKEA hide and seek game where we do battle against each other.

We are busy rehearsing TONS of new music for you and will be announcing some exciting shows once we finalise some details. We cannot wait to knock your collective frilly and stripey socks off.

Chat soon x


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