Glory, Bunnies and Beer!

Well hey there!

Its been a massive couple of months for us! We've been busy filming the clip to our feelgood song 'Good Times' - we're doing it 70s/8mm style and you'll see us surfing on guitars, rockin it in the middle of a paddock and there may even be a skateboard and some makeup involved! Hopefully we'll be ready to launch it in a couple of months with some very special guests!Yep, that guitar becomes Matts Surfboard!
You might have heard by now this Saturday (April 5th) we'll be playing the halftime show at the Perth Glory? We've both been fans of the Glory since the early NSL days (When we won stuff!) and seeing as both of our footballing careers went down the drain it'll be great to run out onto the pitch in one way or another. (Although someone might have a photo of Andrew the day he was a ball boy laying around somewhere?).
We'll be playing none other than Bound for Glory - you can hear a preview below, minus the stadium reverb effect that will accompany it on Saturday - No Meatloaf jokes please!

We're pretty excited for the opportunity, but not really too nervous. Whats the worse that could happen - it goes as well as when Angry Anderson himself performed it at that infamous 1991 Grand Final? (song and laughing athletes from 2mins into the video) - But seriously, we think you did ok Angry!

We also had the pleasure of opening the Long March as they launched their EP at the Rosemount a couple of weeks ago. Awesome band, awesome EP, great guys, check them out for sure.
Stay tuned for some pics/vids from this weeks show at the Glory (if your heading to the game please help us out by taking some for us!), and for news on our Good Times video launch. Please sign up to our mailing list on the front page of the site and you'll also get a free download of 'Sunrise'


Matt & Andrew

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