'Fall' Music Video - Behind the camera!

What a busy few weeks its been! Last weekend we teamed up with Steve Brown who is the visionary behind the music video for our upcoming single, Fall.
Steve has worked with some of our favourite artists and assembled a…

Foreign Architects Olympics - BEHIND THE SCENES


Actually i'm not sure anyone in the USA is reading this. G'day all! So we've been getting some responses indicating that a few of you might have actually enjoyed watching us both act like idiots in the name…

New single plus FUN AND MAHEM!

Hey all!
By now you're probably hearing about us breaking stuff in Singapore Hotel rooms, so we're really happy to announce we virtually landed back in Perth and hit the ground running on our next single, Fall. We are working…

Behind the scenes in Singapore!

As most of you would know, we've just got back from Singapore safe and sound after performing at Beerfest Asia. Good times were had all round, and if you haven't already then check out the mini-doco we made of our…

Foreign Architects off to Singapore!

This has been damn hard to keep to ourselves, but need we say more than.... WE'RE GOING TO SINGAPORE!!!!

We've been selected by industry body WAM to be one of 3 bands to rep WA by performing at Singapore's Beerfest…

Can we sleep yet?

Hey everyone,
We just wanted to put out a big thanks for everyone who has shared our success over the last month or so with our Clover release. We've been getting awesome radio, print and online coverage, while YouTubes and…

Its Clover Time!

Wow what a couple of weeks its been! This Friday we officially launch our new single Clover. If you have been living under a rock and escaped our incessant spamming, here's the Music Video!

This week we will be releasing…

Eskimo Joe Support/Illuminate Street Party Goss!

Never as a teenager sitting on my bed nutting out the riff to 'From the Sea' or asking every girl in high school I knew called Sarah "Won't you tell me your name" did I think that a few years…

2015: Onwards and upwards!

Hey all,
its been a while between drinks on here, just wanted to post a short one saying thanks to everyone for the support in 2014, it was the band's second year, and we managed to achieve our second year…

Radio interviews, Whitewater Rafting AND Youtubes Gig (wHaT?)

Hey everyone,

A couple of weeks ago we were featured on Mix94.5's 'The Scene' radio program, hosted by Blake Williams. We performed an acoustic rendition of Clover and Birds of Tokyo's Wild Eyed Boy between the interview, as well…

Glory, Beach Bums and Taking on NIB Security

Hey guys,
Great to finally find the time to write to you all and fill you in on whats been of the happening lately!

Well first things first - A HUGE Thanks to everyone that cheered…

Glory, Bunnies and Beer!

Well hey there!

Its been a massive couple of months for us! We've been busy filming the clip to our feelgood song 'Good Times' - we're doing it 70s/8mm style and you'll see us surfing on guitars, rockin it in…