New video and upcoming gig!

Hey all!
Thought we'd drop you a line and show you what we've been up to lately, what's in the pipeline and when you can hear us live next!

Upcoming gig - @ Babuschka March 17
We are going to make this one a Thursday night to remember! We're playing at Babushka alongside Fuzz Toads and Uncle Jeffrey and cannot wait to do our thing on the live stage again. We'll be showing a preview of a single we've been working on called 'Sometimes I Run' with producer Nathan Sheehy (Bluejuice, Dune Rats, The Vanns). We started working on this one in the studio in Sydney and are still putting the finishing touches on it so watch this space! You can check out the event page for the Babushka gig here!

Can't Feel My Face - Acoustic Cover
This is one we filmed a little after Christmas and couldn't wait to show you ever since. We teamed up with the amazing Johannah Grace to do a cool arrangement of The Weekend's 'Can't Feel My Face' as it was one of our fav songs of 2015. Huge thanks to John for sound production at Vision Studios and Keshet Works for the sensational Video Production. We were keen to walk into the recording studio and do it all real, live and raw, and these guys helped us capture the performance beautifully. Check out the video below! And if you're interested in the incredible songwriter that is Johannah Grace, check out her facebook page here!