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Fresh tunas - Yep that's plural, a whole school of Tunas swimming your way + Upcoming show announcement and some chatter from the street + where you can hear our next single before its released!


Great to chat with you all again! If you've been keeping an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages you would have noticed a few studio shots and various other shenanigans - you've probably already guessed that we have some new music on the way! On December 1st we'll be dropping a brand new single, the first from a EP that we will be releasing next year. We've been locked away in rehearsal rooms, recording studios, London pubs and various other nooks writing, rehearsing, recording a TON of new material…

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What's different about our new single & live show + Upcoming show supporting Polish Club!

Why hey!
Its been a while between blogs, but not through lack of things to write about, more through lack of time to write about them as we've been busy little bees!

Thanks to all that helped spread the love with our last single, Poisonous Pill - We were thrilled to have so many flattering reviews on triple j Unearthed,  as well as the song being added to rotation on unearthed radio plus countless playlists on youtube/soundcloud and spotify. If you haven't followed us on spotify yet, we would love you forever…Read more
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Poisonous Pill radio waves*Working with animals on set*Upcoming show*+more!

Why hey there!
It's been a crazy couple of months, we wanted to write this to say thanks to everyone who was a part of (and for those still jumping on board!)

Our latest single, Poisonous Pill is still on rotation on triple j Unearthed digital radio - cooler than cool! We have also had amazing support from triple j, with legends Bridget Hustwaite, Zan Rowe, and on Monday night Dom Alessio all giving the track a spin, which is unreal. Towards the end of this there's a cute doggo warning in the behind the…Read more
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NYE (extended) Hangover Cure - Our fresh 2017 single release!

Happy new year everybody! 🎉🍾

As you might have gathered from our postings already, we won’t be wasting any time with releasing New Music in 2017, with our single Poisonous Pill set to be released on Jan 17 – hopefully the NYE hangovers have settled by then and everyone can tolerate noise! 😱🎧📡
There’s a lot of cliché’s thrown around when bands release new music, (yep, we’re totally guilty too) but from the bottom of my fickle artist heart, I’ve never been so proud to bring a new song into the world. I…

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The making of Sometimes I Run - Avocado injuries, Scared pharmacists, and big doggos

Hey hey everyone!

Firstly, thanks so much for the amazing response we've had to Sometimes I Run. We've worked so hard on this, in two different states, with many creative minds and are so happy to share it with you. We'd love to give you an insight into what went into making this, so here's the Behind The Scenes Vid! Big thanks to Rachael Barrett for documenting the journey for us, as well as accompanying us to a running track at stupid o'clock when we all should have been in bed to take the coolest promo…Read more

New video and upcoming gig!

Hey all!
Thought we'd drop you a line and show you what we've been up to lately, what's in the pipeline and when you can hear us live next!

Upcoming gig - @ Babuschka March 17
We are going to make this one a Thursday night to remember! We're playing at Babushka alongside Fuzz Toads and Uncle Jeffrey and cannot wait to do our thing on the live stage again. We'll be showing a preview of a single we've been working on called 'Sometimes I Run' with producer Nathan Sheehy (Bluejuice, Dune Rats, The Vanns). We…Read more

5 Things We Learned in Sydney! + Show Announcement + Christmas Cook-Off!

Hey all! We just got back from doing some recording and shows in Sydney, and thought we'd share the journey with you! On a non-Sydney related note, we hope you'll be able to see us at our first show in the new year on January 2nd at the Boston! KILLER lineup, click the poster below to check out the Facebook Event Page!
As you will know from recent years, one of our favourite (and stupidest) things to do is the YouTube Foreign Architects Christmas Special, this year taking the form of a CHRISTMAS COOK-OFF…Read more

The Fallout from 'Fall'

Hey guys!

What a massive couple of weeks it's been! We've released Fall, done a TON of shows and have some more in the pipeline! We thought we'd share with you some of the good vibes which we've been getting from the interwebs and people that have heard our latest single, which if you missed is right here! (Please share share share!)


There's been a heap of action on the blogesphere all around the world for Fall, here's some of the good shit that people have been saying!

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New single release and upcoming shows!

Well, the cat's out of the bag! Our new single Fall is set to be released on iTunes October 16th but you can hear it here exclusively as well as read what they had to say about it!

We would LOVE IT if you could try and help raise the profile of the release by telling us what you think with a rating on Triple J Unearthed by heading here!

We'll be celebrating the launch of our new single Weds 21st October at…Read more

'Fall' Music Video - Behind the camera!

What a busy few weeks its been! Last weekend we teamed up with Steve Brown who is the visionary behind the music video for our upcoming single, Fall.
Steve has worked with some of our favourite artists and assembled a killer crew to setup a chilling set in a basement to execute a mad scientist themed narrative to accompany our new song. There were so many fun moments on set and we are genuinely so eager to see the result, as i'm sure you all will be too after you read on.
Also on set was photographer Rachael…Read more