Stuff happening. Stuff happening. Lots of stuff happening.


So excited to have finished recording our EP and heading into post-production now. We threw a party last week that you would have got an invite to if you are on our mailing list, (signup button on the home page!) and we unveiled all of the new songs and started to get a feel for playing them live. A lot of long hours were spent in the studio developing the sounds of these songs and just as many hours are being spent trying to integrate them into a brand new live show. If you can't be bothered reading this, well too late, you've read it now, but you could have just watched the video below :) Andrew's revived our YouTube account and you can complain directly to him if there isn't a new Video every Monday morning waiting for you on your commute to work... or in Matt's case, the coffee shop....

We're going to release one last single from our EP before it drops a little later in the year so watch this space: Its coming sooner than you think!



Peace and love to y'all!