Foreign Architects on BBC THREE and Channel TEN - (Yes, its alcohol related)

Well hey there! As you might have already seen on our YouTube vlog below that we released earlier in the week, our song Expiry Date has been placed in new comedy/drama 600 bottles of wine, currently running on BBC THREE in the UK and coming soon to CHANNEL TEN across OZ!

Click the article below to read a bit more about the show in words better than I can describe - but from a personal perspective, i'd like to say that over the years we've had numerous offers to place our music in shows, ads, both big and small, and this is one of the first times it's been a yes without hesitation - this show is scarily relatable to people I know (myself included). There's actually a couple of our songs in an episode, but one of them we'll be keeping up our sleeve for a little longer. It seems in this episode each time the characters are in a bar our music is playing in the background. While we hope the fact we're playing isn't the reason they're driven to drink, we're happy for our tunes to keep them company while they do!If you've been to one of our shows then you'll know that for a few years Expiry Date was the first foot we put forward in our set. Click the cover to listen to it on your favourite platform!

And below is the vlog video with some more info - actually it may be the same info, or even less info, but Kenny is in it and i'm not going to kid myself that anything else is important!


Peace and love to y'all!